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Shubho vijayadashami 2012

The final day of durgapuja, there is only one tune of this day in families that offer personal puja- deep sadness. Just like the day when you bid goodbye to a dear one who won’t return till next year.

The deity is fed sweet and her forehead (and more) is painted by vermillion by married women of the family (sindurkhela- playing with vermillion), men and boys write the name of the deity in leaves of Bel (a holy tree of Hindus) and offer those leaves to river. The evening is for vijaya greetings and countdown for next puja.

there is no separation between us
its only a game – hide and seek
you walk out of the door
return through the window
as moonlight, wind and sun


In case you are curious to know how durgapuja is held in Bengali families- I can give you a little view of my family puja – both are same blog post in two different blogs- you can try out the one that opens.