My recent posts and wordpress blogs


In case you are not familiar with this theme of WordPress and are looking for my latest posts please check the column on right side of the post.

I often have one or more sticky posts that stay frigid while i keep adding fresh posts, sometimes my friends too get confused πŸ™‚

Sharmishtha Basu


the list of my blogs in wordpress:

1. Sharmishtha Basu’s Poetries: : Mainly Poetries.
2. Thoughts: : Stories mainly.
3. My cyber novels: : novel, long stories, musings, cartoons etc
4. Window to my soul : : mainly form poetry
5. Sharmishtha Basu : : My haiku, piku, lanturne, tanka blog.
6. Ethereal heights: Celebrating peace and beauty.
7. Earth in black and white: – The real world.
8. Colours and words waltz: – poetry and paintings.
9. Daintypetals: – portfolio blog- no rigid contents.
10.And I dreamed….: – portfolio blog – again, no rigid contents.
11. wing of dreams ….: – a blog mostly for fun
12. Ethereal paints…..: – mostly short stories

I DON’T USE SKYPE, TWITTER. My hotmail ids are acting haywire so DONT WRITE ME ANY MAILS IN – I have deleted that account, you can try your luck in the email id provided with the gravatar… but… I WILL SUGGEST YOU TO use my facebook account :

sharmishtha basu


34 thoughts on “My recent posts and wordpress blogs

  1. I was wondering how you manage that many, too, and why you don’t keep everything on one blog but on different pages or through labeling. For example, if I wanted to read your fiction, it would be nice to come here and just click the “fiction” label where all your posts would come up. Or, you could have a separate tab at the top, identifying the genre.

    Of course, the advantage of having so many sites is that you have far more web presence. But it’s a lot of work (says the lady who has several sites of her own PLUS helps other groups post things on their sites).

    • the secret is- i did not knew it was possible, by the time i knew i have spent more than years on these blogs, now they are kind of like my pets, cant let them go, even though they keep me on my toes.

  2. God! how do you manage soo many and soo beautifull??? Gracious! One can learn so much from you…

    You really know management apart from literature.. πŸ˜‰
    Wish you get the best for yourself! Arent you participating in the one month novel writing competition….you may get a good shot!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Hi Shami…Good to hear from you again. I have just found your latest beautiful pictorials depicting your postings. I hope that by posting these it will attract a few more folk to your site. I will cetainly excite mine. I had not intended to do a fifth early moring posting (Its 6.41 in Scotland!) However here goes…Let me know if this is OK? Love John. PS Keep up the fabby colours..Love it!

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  6. Umm… WOW!!!! 11 blogs?!?! If I check all these blogs out and see that every one is up to date I may lose the ability to talk for 3 days … speechless! I have 2 blogs but haven’t written for one in years and was considering doing a 3rd one but I just can’t see it. But I applaud you!!!!


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