Scribd, Elance, Guru… profiles … walking in a maze

Hey! I have just opened a scribd account, even though I love the potentials of the account, the readership that it offers… but I cant penetrate through the maze.

I have opened a free account (whatever it means)

I have posted 11 stuffs there, some free some with a pricetag.

they are all shared under the category of creative writing.

I have added a few tags, five or six tag each post- the normal ones like poetry, mini story etc…

Now, how will I know if someone buys my work? What does that “buying” means?

Well, after knowing that scribd is mainly a library I have joined a few more sites 🙂 by name Elance, Guru and duotrope- the final one i think doesnot allows anything unless you are a paid member, so it looks useless to me till I start earning something from my writing 🙂

Is there any chance of using these as my launchpad to find a publisher for my works or meeting an agent who may like my works there?

Because my coveted dream is to get my work published with my own name… am I banging the wrong doors?

Any help will be immense help!

Thanks and love.

my profile is

sign 16.2.14 SM


6 thoughts on “Scribd, Elance, Guru… profiles … walking in a maze

  1. I’ve yet to see a profit from being on but it is more important to use it as a platform to get your “brand”, namely you as the author, known. It’s the biggest online library in the world, so yes, potentially somebody might take note of how many downloads you get, check your writing out and offer you a deal. Important to know is that unless you specify the percentage of what people are permitted to read for free, scribd will decide how much readers can see – and that can be as much as 50%. Be sure to protect your work by allowing readers only to see so much before they must pay; there are just too many people out there who’d otherwise download all your work for free and re-publish it under their own name.

    Always have a cover picture that looks professional and check your stats page. You’ll soon see what type of writing works best. Concentrate on that and let the not so popular type of writing slide.

    • I got that part too, it is just a library, to show off some of your good stories… am yet to get the first download 😦

      I will have to do something about coverpages… never thought about them before!

      Haiku gets the maximum reads, the next one will be with pricetag – I am working on a compilation of 50 or so …

      next one will be a compilation of 50 7 sentence stories.

  2. I’ve never tried Scribd… I just don’t have time for any of the indie stuff i “should” be doing if i want to sell my novel… But i knew that when i took the plunge. No regrets. Plus it’s let me meet great people like you! 🙂

    • scribd is not bad, but elance, guru and duotrope are mazes… i will keep them but wont spend much time there it seems they only allow activities after payment tee hee and I am looking for some income not expenditure 🙂

      If I have to spend money I will self-publish why will I spend any more time on testing waters.


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