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Thursday pedagogy 20.6.13

Colours and Words Waltz

With the elections round the corner the atrocity against women has all of a sudden shot sky high. It’s scary and tragic the way the women, girls of west Bengal are being treated these days or the stories are being highlighted by the press.

It is not possible for the police or parents to guard every girl, so it’s high time that they should be trained to protect themselves in this filthy, predator infested world! Trained with knowledge and weapon!

The girls should be taught about the dangers that lurk around the corners for every woman, child- that is on the rise courtesy to explicit skin show in movies and porn sites.

Very serious, self defense based martial art should be included in curriculum- I have read that if a person is taught the right points in human body then they don’t need hours of practice- only the right hit…

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2 thoughts on “Thursday pedagogy 20.6.13

  1. A small screw of pepper; a small spray of aerosol concealed in a pocket, or a small bunch of keys secured on a ring (through which you’ve slipped your middle finger so the keys rest concealed within the palm of your hand), can be very good defence weapons against an attacker. Advice given me many years ago by an ex-policeman – which I passed on to my daughter.

    It is regrettable that so many men feel they have the right to treat females in this way. I think it might be attributed to the fears of these poor fellows within our societies that their inferiority is about to be revealed that causes them to release their aggression in this way. Well educated and adjusted men have no need to exploit this weak streak in the male psyche.


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