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pet peeve 5 jpg files are not being allowed to be included in post

Blogging is so full of wonders.

Yet another fun has unleashed itself- no read it as two more funs have unleashed themselves on atleast one pathetic user by name me!


Since yesterday when i am trying to include a jpg file in my post, read as photo file the folder filled with jpg file is being shown as empty!

Any one else having the same problem?

is it due to wordpress or due to the site “free copyright” i included my blog in?

i believe its wordpress’s bug because that site doesnot have my password (I am not insane).


Is WordPress malfunctioning a lot? crashing every alternate second? Mine is!

anyone else suffering these miseries?


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14 thoughts on “pet peeve 5 jpg files are not being allowed to be included in post

  1. mine refused to allow me to log in just awhile said it was having a problem and to refresh the page or contact support if it keeps happening. plus it’s loading slow at times tonight.

  2. I recently have had a problem uploading graphics with the Fire Fox browser. I also use Chrome and have no problem there. Although our problems don’t seem to be the same, you might try another browser.

  3. Well crashing might be the problem related with your internet, or the problem might also arise if you are doing too many things at the same time (multitasking).

    1. that is the cute part, when i am in wordpress i barely open more than two more sites in the tabs, if thats multitasking then i believe we all have to do that! right?

      the problem is gone for the time being, atleast thats how it seems but others are persisting!


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