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stop hibernating and join me there!

you will find my proposed form of critique in a page named CRITIQUE,
Submit the URL to your story in the comment
being the solo player of the post I am just sharing some tips- this week on flash fiction.
apart from that this week I have shared another story, will be glad if you give me your opinion on it :)

see you there!

Sharmishtha Basu

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the list of my blogs in wordpress:

1. Sharmishtha Basu’s Poetries: : Mainly Poetries.
2. Thoughts: : Stories mainly.
3. My cyber novels: : novel, long stories, musings, cartoons etc
4. Window to my soul : : mainly form poetry
5. Sharmishtha Basu : : My haiku, piku, lanturne, tanka blog.
6. Ethereal heights: Celebrating peace and beauty.
7. Earth in black and white: – The real world.
8. Colours and words waltz: – poetry and paintings.
9. Daintypetals: – portfolio blog- no rigid contents.
10.And I dreamed….: – portfolio blog – again, no rigid contents.
11. wing of dreams ….: – a blog mostly for fun
12. Ethereal paints…..: – mostly short stories

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sharmishtha basu

Thursday Paintings 17.4.14

nabobarsho 2014

Leaning on the moon,
she yearns for the golden sun
stars dance at her feet

As you all know I have made and private, you will have to try to open them from your computer and then request my permission to access them, once I give you, its done I believe. Dont be scared, there wont be many posts there, just one or two each week, and they will be quite seriously written.

The others are in their usual places,;;;;;;;;


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Wish you wonderful time ahead, life is short and hope yours get sweeter with every passing day.